Positive affirmations for birth - free mp3 download

Positive Birth Affirmations

In reality, we have very little control in life. The only control we have is over our thoughts and emotions. Our intense reaction to outside circumstances and arguing with reality creates suffering. For some of us, it creates tremendous stress, resistance and discord. These emotions are felt in the body and can manifest into unexplained physical pain and exhaustion. Our emotions are merely an energetic translation of thoughts. If we have fearful thoughts around our bodies or pregnancy, that fear is felt in the body and can slow down labor and delivery. Practicing positive affirmations softens fear and creates a calmer and softer body, which makes a healthier home for baby.

By practicing this technique, it doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge the fear—it simply means we shift our focus away from the fear. We use the fear to progress forward and we avoid being consumed by the fear. We learn from the fear. Fear is a natural part of life. When we put compassion around the fear and shift to something more positive, we de-activate the fear we feel, thus soothing anxiety and worry. Ina May Gaskin, the mother of authentic midwifery, talks about how fear slows down labor in her book, Spiritual Midwifery, which I highly recommend reading during pregnancy.

Moms can use this technique of quieting the mind to trust the body and build confidence. Pregnant bodies know how to carry, labor and deliver the baby; it’s the mind that tells us otherwise. It’s important to nurture and trust our bodies during pregnancy. This trust will guide us through pregnancy with ease and certainty. Trust in the body is the grounding force that guides us through labor and delivery. Practicing positivity creates a knowing that women have been doing this for thousands of years and the body knows exactly what to do—including yours.

My body guided me toward certain laboring positions that helped me manage back labor. I could find the best position for relief. I felt safe and unrushed as I moved through the process. We prepared by speaking openly with our OBGYN and made sure we felt we had choices. Trust and intuition guided me through transition into delivery. While birthing my son, I rode each contraction like a wave with my breath and pushed with each surge to safely get him out. It was a culmination of the practices I wrote for you in this book, trust in my body, my intuition and connection to all women past, present and future, that gave me strength to have a safe, un-medicated birth.

Along with daily meditation, practicing positive pregnancy and birth affirmations were an instrumental part in setting myself up to be fully present for labor and birth. Focusing my mind on the positive gave me confidence, made me feel calm and gave me peace of mind. It also helped silence fearful thinking and allowed me to trust my body and the process of pregnancy, labor and birth.

It’s powerful and productive when we focus on positivity rather than fear for the unknown possibilities and outcome of labor and delivery. It is beneficial, however, to educate yourself and to be aware of all outcomes. This way, moms feel empowered during birth. There is no better feeling than having choice and clarity. Fear dissolves when we have clarity, knowledge, trust and positivity on our sides. I couldn’t predict the type of birth we would have, but I could prepare myself with knowledge of what might happen. That way, when faced with the situation, I felt empowered to make an educated decision for me and my family.

Laboring with presence rather than fear moves it along at the speed nature intended it to, making it a more manageable process. Taking labor one moment at a time with love and excitement makes the process of birth a loving way for baby to enter the world. After all, you get to meet baby after delivery!

Positive pregnancy and birth affirmations made such a difference during my journey so I took some time to record this free download for all mothers-to-be. Regardless of whether you are planning a medicated or un-medicated birth, these affirmations focus your mind and get you feeling better about pregnancy, labor and delivery. Create a safe and calm home for baby right now and bring that positive mindset into motherhood.

Feel free to record yourself repeating these affirmations or visit yogawithcr.com for your FREE professionally recorded mp3 download! Recommended for relaxation and the third trimester.

Positive Birth Affirmations

My pregnant body is a healthy and a safe home for my baby.
I trust that I am strong and my body can carry and support this baby.
I willingly surrender to the process and trust my body.
My pregnant body is capable and healthy.
I experience this pregnancy with presence and love.
I trust my body knows how to carry, labor and deliver this baby.
Love surrounds me and my baby.
My baby and I work together toward love, growth and health.

I love my baby and believe we are matched on a divine level.
The most important thing we can share is love.
My baby and I are healthy.
My baby and I have a joyous, loving and peaceful relationship; we are a happy family.
My child has come to be my teacher and there is much I can learn.
The miracle of birth is normal and natural.
I go through labor and delivery easily, effortlessly and lovingly.
Birth will be an easy and loving experience for both of us.
I release any remaining fear I have that surrounds childbirth.
I use my breath to relax and trust in this natural and beautiful process.
I believe in myself and know that I am strong and capable.

When I remember that I am divinely protected and safe, I can relax.
I trust my inner wisdom and surrender to the plan of the divine.
I know my body is flexible.
My body and mind easily release tension and stress with every breath out.
My body knows how to relax, soften and let go.
My breath releases fear and doubt buried within my cells.
I am connected to the divine wisdom within and trust this natural process.
My baby and I are safe and protected.
Keeping my mind flexible and agile is reflected in the flexibility in my body.
The only thing that keeps me rigid is fear.
My mind and body are prepared and ready for labor and delivery.

I have nothing to fear when I become a mother.
I honor and listen to the wisdom within.
I follow my heart to raise my child with love.
I meet all my baby’s needs and care for my baby’s health.
My baby and I are divinely connected.
We share a special, loving relationship and are bound by love.
That love grows stronger each day.
We are a happy, healthy, loving family and I have nothing to fear.
I trust my inner wisdom.
I believe in myself and know I am strong and capable.
My baby and I are divinely protected.
Love surrounds me and my baby.


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